In most cases, yes. We have a compliant off-shore feeder fund established to allow us to accept investments from Non US investors. Please contact us to learn more.

There are several important risks to consider before making any investment decision. They include but are not limited to lack of diversification, illiquidity, and volatility.

The account or funds of the deceased will be passed to whoever he/she put down as next of kin. The deceased rights will be respected by the company/family member and passed on to the stated person(s) regardless. Many different arrangements are possible after the death of an Investor, these includes: a prior agreement (perhaps an investor agreement) that the funds/account may pass to particular people, such as the investors spouse, children, relatives, charity organization etc arrangements to buy out the dead investors interest/profits with the people stated above willingness of the above stated people to continue partnering with the company after the death of our investors.
The worst possible case is for the situation to be unresolved when an investor dies, and especially where there are conflicting provisions in the deceased agreement and the company’s. Direct Capital Investment can provide appropriate provisions of company’s rules or the deceased agreement to ensure that such problems are resolved before they arise.

No it’s not fixed because it’s real trading. ROI can increase or decrease with respect to the market.

You pay in Bitcoin and also withdraw (automated withdrawals) your income in Bitcoin


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